Goldfinch – Donna Tartt

This book left me unsure and confused. 

It is one of these epic stories, reminding the reader of time of Dickens and Tolstoy. Amazing piece of work, written in precise, natural language. Masterpiece – with a “but”. 

The thing about timeless masterpiece is a timeless story, or struggle, or problem. Donna Tartt gave us a biographical arrangement of characters, dialogues and events – but I found nothing universal beyond the major plot-line. Nothing made me think that reading “Goldfinch” is a life-changer (or view-changer, so to speak). 

I had the very same problem with “The Luminaries” by Eleanor Catton – another great, epic story with complicated background and huge work put in it, but left without any universal message to actually keep the book important for more than one season. 

I loved Goldfinch. I honestly did, the writing was perfect, as well as the story and character building. However I doubt ever returning to this book. Which is a shame – masterpiece with the key piece missing. 

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