Witching Savannah – J.D. Horn

One sure thing about this trilogy is the fact that it is an entertaining read. Dialogue is smooth, world building consistent, and the plot, given how many books about witchcraft were written, quite original. Author gave enough attention to the background characters, so there was no “main character is sassy others are cardboard” problem. 


First of all, there is rape in this book, however “no, no rape at all, he did it out of love”. Really. And the raped girl’s actions do not change through the books from “I’m angry but it’s fine” to something more psychologically probable. Ugh.

Many plot twists were left hanging, without proper explanation – and big plot twists, rooted in character building. Some actions important for the plot just did not add up. 

The end of trilogy itself is as disappointing as it can possibly get, with “fix it all” kind of wrapping up the storyline. Easy to write for the author, yet annoying for the reader. 

Still I had a nice night with these three books – even with all the crappy parts of them. I guess it was not a complete waste of money. 

Get a copy:

Amazon: 1, 2, 3


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