Outlander Series – Diana Gabaldon

I recognize this book as my great guilty pleasure.

First, it is definitely a romance – despite the author’s statements placing it somewhere in „general fiction” department. She loves him, he loves her, everybody loves each other, rainbows. And, of course, their love literally bends reality a few times (while the reader grits teeth with “Did that just really happen?”).

Second, it is a well-written romance. Story is fluent, language used makes the reader almost hear characters speaking, dialogues are filled with humor and historical references. Therefore – nice read.

Third, and most important – the series gets better in time. First part, Outlander, concerns mostly the romance part (which is sweet, but – at least for me – boring). Further parts are strongly historically embedded, backed up with well done research and consistent character development. Nicer read, and not so contaminated with rainbows.

And, for the end, contemporary reference – yes, Starz is making this book into a movie. No, it is not feminist response to Game of Thrones (it takes more than just female lead character to call something feminist). Personally, I prefer the book – first person narrative in the book is funny, in the movie it gives an impression of treating viewer as an idiot, who needs to be given every single information in plain text, otherwise he will not understand.

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