The Lynburn Legacy – Sarah Rees Brennan

No surprise here – another YA with “unexpected” magical turn of events and not-so-easy-to-buy love triangle. Can we please once for a while have a YA without the triangle? It is always so forced.

There is so many storyline lowlands in this book, not corrected just because the whole book would collapse into rewriting, that my head was sometimes just banging the table (example: happen to have telepatic conversations for you entire life and never mention to this other person where you live or that you are moving – yeah, right). The author did not even try to explain the inconsistencies, as if not predicting reader to be smart enough to notice. Annoying.

But – for funny dialogues and amusing characters, with low expectations when it comes to the plot – the book was not a waste of my evening. 

Get a copy:

Amazon: 12


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