Southern Reach – Jeff VanderMeer

This book made me think of Pet Sematary. This atmosphere of increasing madness, of graveyard viscosity and sort of dampness rising up from the pages – it is so similar.

But Southern Reach is no tacky horror story based on a famous novel. It is a study of uncertainty, insecurity within human senses, of relations developing in a stressful situation with no “anchor”, no sureness and no trust.

Southern Reach is a story about constantly changing perception of surroundings, events and people. It is about self-doubt intensifying when stable laws of interaction become not so stable, and all character can do is look for answers within.

And the best part – no answer given by the book in certain either. 

Get a copy:


PS Good story written in amazing language is one thing. BUT! This book has also some great illustrations – like these.

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