Satanic Verses – Salman Rushdie

„Satanic Verses” was published in 1988 and is already a classic.

Rushdie uses his talents with magical realism, dream sequences and contemporary events to present a story that provoked an unusual turmoil among members of some groups.

Book is amazing – difficult, composed out of many constantly shifting, different stories of many different people, intriguing descriptions, well-written dialogue. Rushdie is literally painting with his word, creating an exquisite work with its roots deeply in the Eastern storytelling. To understand and appreciate it fully it is necessary to read it a few times, since there is so many layers.

Salman Rushdie is one hell of a writer, and “Satanic Verses” is a great novel in any possible sense – as a piece of literature written in splendid language, as an inspiring story, as extraordinary creation of imagination, as a study of human being.

But, in this case, there are two reasons to read this book. First, it is great and worth reading – no surprise here. Second – we like it or not, but supporting Salman Rushdie and his work is political statement of support for freedom of speech. Literature, writers, good or bad, valuable or paltry, will not and cannot be silenced by haters and terrorists. As long as free speech lasts, communication is still possible. One denying right to speak is also shutting down the very foundation of dialogue. This should never be allowed – not by governments, but also not by ordinary people.

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