The Reluctant Assassin – Eoin Colfer

Author of Artemis Fowl, presenting his new series…

It is a disappointment from the first to the last page.

Imagine Opal Koboi squeezed into a male character, but with even more simple thinking pattern of “Go and do evil stuff for fun”.

Imagine Holly Short turned into a teenager, who is so cool and well-trained, and who is a sharp-mouth as Holly was. But Holly was interesting – Chevron is just silly and sassy. Which ends in being boring, how many forced jokes can a reader stand? It feels like even the author was not amused by the dialogues. 

Imagine no plot at all, just running away from a bad, bad antagonist. Running, talking back and silly jokes, and again this set, and again, and so on through 300 pages.

I expected a nice, funny book to read on a train, I got an underdeveloped, badly written story without plot. Not to mention ridiculous descriptions of computers and technology – it is hard to believe that WARP was written by the same author, who once created high-tech fairies.

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